With the Good News to Turkey

Tyrkia 2

When I did my DTS almost 10 years ago at Skjærgårdsheimen, my outreach team went to Turkey. When I look back now, I know that my life was changed forever because of that trip! Not only because of that trip, but because of who God is. He leads us and guides us to where He wants us to be. We don’t always understand how it all will come together, but He is in charge! Today we live in Izmir, on the west coast of Turkey, with our three children. The last one was born here. In her passport it even says  ”Born in Izmir, Turkey”!

I met my husband during the year I did my DTS. He was staff in another city in Norway. Long story short; We got married 2.5 years later. When we married, we asked God what to do with our lives and felt that He told us to go to Turkey to be light and salt there.  After finishing our educations and working for a while, we quit our jobs, said goodbye to our families and friends and moved our life to Turkey. This was 1,5 year ago. So how is it  going?

Our team exists of one family from South Africa who leads the team, our family and 2 ladies from South Korea. Up until now the team has focused on discipling young believers and supporting the local church. Last spring our team was staffing a bible school ran by the local church. This was a “pilot project” and similar programs will take place the following years. Our team is at a turning point these days, where we feel there is a new season. We are praying that God will lead us to what He has for us in this new season.  Some of the things God has been leading us to focus on is mercy ministry, worship and prayer, and preparing workers for the harvest by discipling young believers. In the following months we will work out what this will look like practically.

Language learning is our main focus the first two years. We have been taking lessons in different forms: Classroom teaching and private tutoring. When we attend the church, we learn more biblical terms, as we are listening to testimonies and teaching from the Bible. The worship is in Turkish as well, so we learn a lot of Turkish worship songs.

We have 3 wonderful kids. Two boys age 4 and 3, and an 8 month old little baby girl. When I took my DTS, I never would have guessed that I would have my children in a Turkish kinder garden. They are learning Turkish and learning how to relate to the culture. Our prayer is that they will feel comfortable in this culture, so that we can not only stay for many years in this country, but live joyfully here.

A fieldworker in Turkey

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